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Sponsorship and Subsidy The “Rhythm, Sound & Motion” workshops are available to everyone. Schools, businesses and the entire community are invited to utilize the workshop. We offer One (1) "Free Trial workshop" to the community, schools and other organizations to show the effectiveness of the workshop and how quickly concepts are learned.

We work in cooperation with organizations such as Arkelstad, who obtain subsidy from the Community Government and enable participating schools to be involved in the workshops at the Community Center Haarhorst at "minimal costs" to the school. We encourage several schools to organize together to realize a fair and reasonable funding solution so the foundation can realize a basic and fair fee to compensate for Mr. Bowie’s time and expertise, volunteer coordination time, travel expenses, and instrument purchase and maintenance.

We offer Community Businesses the unique opportunity to support schools in the community by sponsoring workshops for schools of their choice or those recommended by us. In exchange, we conduct comprehensive "Team and Management" training for the business sponsoring the schools directly linked to the amount of the sponsorship. For example, a sponsorship to a school of a 4 hour workshop is €1200. For this donation from a business, we will conduct a 2 hour workshop for the sponsoring business at "No cost". This enables the business to make a valuable contribution to the community and benefit itself directly from the specialized curriculum of the workshop.

On a larger scale we conduct Corporate Workshops specifically for Business Conventions and Training Seminars, independent of school sponsorship. The cost for these workshops is based on market value for similar services rendered. We accommodate up to 65 participants for these intensive and concentrated workshops.

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