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Introducing the “Rhythm, Sound & Motion Experience”, a special workshop designed by myself, Joseph Bowie in 2003, when I moved to the Netherlands.  This workshop is sponsored by my foundation, the “Kosen-Rufu Foundation”, which means, to better humanity.

I originally designed this workshop for musicians, but soon it evolved into a wonderful, wonderful project for children, adults, management teams, a team building offering for schools, choirs and all sorts of group situations.  It works for ages 4 – 84...90…I’ve had participants as old as 91.  The workshop is a perfect for getting people together, gaining confidence, eliminating shyness & fear and gaining group trust in order to go forward and accomplish things in a group setting.  I would highly recommend that everyone try this workshop…Rhythm, Sound & Motion…We all have rhythm.  We all have sound & motion.  This workshop synthesizes these things so that everybody understands…and we can collectively execute Rhythm, Sound & Motion Experience to make you a stronger and more positive person in the community.


We do exercises, Tai Chi, Yoga, breathing exercises.  We relax the body, we encourage group cooperation and group movement together, so we can move together, so we can breath together, so we can breath together…so we can begin to function as “ONE”.  MANY AS ONE.  This is the first part of our workshop.


In part 2 we go into vocal training.  We explore our voice; the one instrument that we all possess…that everybody has…because all people can sing.  We explore the voice in a group situation with tones. Volume up, soft, loud, short.  We teach the participants how to count together, how to internalize rhythm, so we may count together at all times, and think in rhythm…whether we hear sound or not.  We begin by singing different rhythms as if you are an instrument.  “If you can sing it, you can’t play it!”  That is the theory…so first we have to internalize music, internalize the rhythmic concepts, so later we can transfer this information in our brains and our bodies to the instrument, and Part 2 now this is the part everybody loves…


We distribute to each participant an authentic, African djembe drum.  Now, we have basic concepts in rhythm, timing, motion…how to function together, move together, breath together…now we begin to play together, and apply the principles to the drums, now we’ve moved away from our voice and we are applying the same principles that we learned with our voice training to the drums, playing different rhythms in the same tempo and meter, enabling participants to take solos and to understand the role of the soloist, mirroring the role of an individual being creative in a group situation in a company, or just simply being individually creative with the support of a group or company or large ensemble supporting you.


the “Limbo Dance”…what we’ve all been waiting for.  After we’ve done vocal exercises…after we’ve done djembe playing in a group...Now we feel like one, big, happy family.  We have no fear.  We love to work with each other. We are dependent on the people around us, we’re functioning as a “real group” now…. so, we get out the Limbo sticks. We give everybody a small instrument, that you can shake or play it…and I’m going to play my djembe drum and with a few of my assistants, we’re going to make some real, danceable rhythms and everybody’s going to dance in a circle, going under the Limbo Sticks. And we’re going to let it just…all hang out and relax, relax and feel good about ourselves because now, we are “MANY AS ONE”.


That’s it!  That’s my workshop…Rhythm, Sound, & Motion Experience.  I hope you will try it. You will not be disappointed.  We have relaxed our bodies, we have sung together, and played rhythms together.  Now, we understand the real concept of a group. Many as One…”Rhythm, Sound & Motion Experience”.  Thank you Very much!  We hope to see you at a workshop soon.


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