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The Rhythm, Sound & Motion workshop was created in 2003 by internationally acclaimed professional musician and entertainer Joseph Bowie. The original workshop concept was designed for musicians, however the curriculum quickly developed into a program for children and adults not only focusing on musical skills but social and personal development.

Our workshop strengthens areas in communication, humanity, group cooperation, self-confidence and basic disciplines in understanding time, rhythm and group cooperation as well as increasing awareness of maintaining good health through regular exercise. Mr. Bowie has been involved in community based workshops throughout the world, i.e. Kosen-Rufu Workshops (Nederland, US),Music D'nuit (Bordeaux, France), Banebleu (Paris, France), Music School Luzern, Switzerland and throughout Colleges and Universities in the United States including Dartmouth College in New Hamshire over the past 20 years. Joseph has synthesized these workshop experiences and developed a specialized workshop beneficial to children and adults, recognizing that the weaknesses in rhythmic development and cooperative working skills are primarily caused by lack of exposure to the discipline at an early age. This is when we learn our basic techniques of reading, writing and mathematics. In our society we are now in a period of budget cuts and downsizing, when schools cannot afford to offer curriculum in creative subjects such as music and art in a comprehensive manner. Utilizing specific training in Tai-Chi, self-consciousness and awareness exercises, vocal exercises, timing and rhythmic development and working with percussion utilizing djembe drums, RSM achieves a balanced, comprehensive yet enjoyable program to enhance the personal and social skills of children and adults.

The members of the Rhythm, Sound & Motion Workshop led and directed by Joseph Bowie are Community Volunteers who share the desire to offer positive energy and input into our community. We offer workshops to schools for ages 4 to 18 years, to adults from 19-90+. We work in collaboration with Arkelstad and have frequently conducted workshops in the Haarhorst community center in Gorinchem, NL. RSM has conducted many workshops in schools, Church groups, Nursing homes, Special Education and Handicapped Facilities, as well as to businesses in the community. Our workshops are especially beneficial in "Team" development and Management training.


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